Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ripe Figs, Dragonflies, Swimming, and Grilling In the Rain

I have still been painting this weekend, but have forgotten to photograph my progress. I've had such a beautiful weekend that it's been quite a distraction. My son, Aslan has a new talent of catching dragonflies. He waits outside with his thumb in the air, and they are strangely drawn to land directly on his thumb. When he wants to keep one, he simply clamps down with his forefinger.

We've set up the pool, and have been swimming and grilling all weekend. The figs on our fig tree are ripe for the picking, and we're making all kinds of things from fig icecream and grilled figs to fig cobbler. I simply must share with you what we had on the grill today. Here we have lamb kabobs with lamb raised by our friend, Ragan. Not shown are the burgers made with free-range buffalo. We have potatoes on top, fig kabobs basted in pinapple juice and cinnamon, which tastes remarkably like roasted marshmallows, and unbelievably delicious roasted pineapples. More pintings for you next time!


chris said...

That food looks delicious. You should talk to Yates about the dragonfly thing--he knows an autistic guy that insects are strangely attracted to. Maybe there's something to it.

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