Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Counting to a Thousand

When my son was about five or six he realized that if he took the time he could probably count to one thousand, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch him staying fairly still. I painted his bedroom walls like the top of a castle. I hightened the values in the sky to make it feel as if he was actually standing against a sky. The cast shadow, then reminds you it's a wall again.

I blocked in the grisaille from life with transparent browns and tightened up the anatomy from a snapshot. After I had these issues worked out I Posed him again and popped in all the colors from life. It's not much more than an experiment and a memory of my son at that age. I thought it would be interesting to play the cheerful colors against his confrontational pose.


Keith said...

I like this one. I know you like muted tones but I like the vibrancy of color and a lot of it. Love the idea of him standing on a green bed covering with the shadow of a castle sat on the wall. Very nice, blue boy kind of pose.

Sophie said...

More than just a memory, also a great painting. Many parents will recognize the outfit and the counting....and it is beautifully painting. great work.

Stephen Cefalo said...

Thanks! I thought I was being discreet wit the Disney reference by changing stuff around, but I guess it's still very recognizable. That's ok, I guess Disney won't come and get me.

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