Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Crank Easel

 Someone I don't know literally gave me the easel of my dreams for free.  A friend of my in-laws had it sitting and doesn't seem to have been used.  It was waiting there in Chicago for me where I happened to be going for the weekend.  It was like the movies in which the kid who stares at the guitar in the store window finally gets it.

 It's a Cappelletto Renaissance beechwood crank easel, and came with a special linseed oil for oiling the fancy wood.  It has a palette and paintbox that box that both clip onto the front.  Thank you God, I'll try to do something decent on it.


Sophie said...

That looks just perfect. Lucky you. where can I get one...
Am looking forward to what comes off that easel of yours!!

Doug Steward said...

Boy are you lucky! I've wanted one also for a long time but .... will have to wait till I make some $ to purchase one.

You will do great work on it. Get a real nice stool to sit on when your legs get tired.

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