Sunday, March 29, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

Woodson Lateral

This is very loosely based on a local ghost legend.

Alla prima portrait

An alla prima study of one of my students from a few years back.


Portrait of Amy and me in grisaille.

Bad to the Bone

A quick still life in grisaille.


This is an important one.  When I began this portrait of my son, the focus was on the ribcage.  While reworking the face, a blob of oil dripped down the cheek that looked like a tear.  It perfectly completed the expression so I dried it out and kept it.


This was begun as a demo for my class.  The model reclined on a table and grabbed her foot, and I thought it was profound.  

The Skipper

Skip is one of our finest models, originally named "the little skipper", he grew up on a fishing boat in Boston.  He speaks African languages and is fluent in Italian.  That is only the beginning.


Another quick oil sketch I had intended to complete, but liked it as it was.

Oil Sketch

An oil sketch from a few years back.

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