Monday, August 30, 2010

Blind Walker

I was asked to set up a conceptual pose for a figure painting group that I am part of. This pose kind of popped into my head out of nowhere, a step out into the unknown. At first I was inspired by "The Folly of Love" by Emil Meyer, a symbolist painter.

Well into the painting, though, it became obvious to me that I was strongly referencing my favorite painting by N.C. Wyeth "Old Pew", an illustration from Treasure Island. The eyes covered, the textured road with shadows thrown across it, even the stars in the sky.

It is amazing how powerful images will haunt you, permanently become part of the way you see and imagine things, and then crop up in the most unexpected places. This may be my favorite thing about painting.


RJ said...

Excellent work! I found your blog by clicking on a painting when I was looking at google images for Steven Assael.

RJ said...

I saw Assael's show in Naples Florida a while back-- it was amazing!

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