Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A couple reclines in marshy water.  It is somewhat of a reversal of a scene in George Macdonald's "Lilith".  The man may be dead or only unconscious, and he may or may not be aware of the angelic figure reclined beside him.  She is the strength he needs, and she may even have the power to nurse him back to vitality or perhaps a resurrection.  A cat nearby laps water, disinterested in their human affairs.  This is partly inspired by Pieter Bruegel's "The Fall of Icarus", in which workers go about their day aloof to Icarus's plight.  The black cat represents my son, who is so psychologically connected with his cat that they have become inseparable and even interchangeable.  Elements of nature are symbolic of the chaos of life, and the things that are outside of our control.

Pieter Bruegel "The Fall of Icarus", circa 1560

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Billy Guffey said...

Wonderful! What a great painting.

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